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I'm Steve. A Creative Designer + Problem Solver.

With over 20 Years of Experience in Marketing as a Creative Professional, I work with companies to produce aesthetically pleasing designs that make immediate impact. I specialize in UX/UI for native and web apps and branding but have been known to illustrate a book cover or two. Contact Me with your next BIG IDEA and we can make it happen.


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my services

Visual Design

Does your app or website look and function like it’s supposed to? I help create customer engagement through the use of UX methodology and graphic design principles. Here are a few more specific examples.  

Website Design

Creation of Websites began in 2002 and haven’t stopped since. Using the latest technologies I work with teams if needed to deliver on-time and responsive sites and landing pages. Specialized knowledge and adaptability to WordPress, CSS styled or any of the new web CMS products: Wix, SquareSpace, Etsy or Shopify.


App Design

UX/UI training began in 2009 almost by accident. The changing landscape of mobile technology called for a pivot in client interaction with of our flagship desktop product, a mobile version was needed. Over 50+ web and native apps later as a UI Designer I continue specializing in app design working independently or with a team.


Design Systems

I’ve partnered with firms to create design systems that solve their most complex product and experience challenges, as well as accelerating the pace of their production. 

Creative Services

Using over 20 years of graphic design and art production experience, I create innovative solutions to help brands achieve their goals. Here are a few of the highlights for the past few years.

Digital Marketing campaigns

Design of high-quality creative materials for social media and e-mail marketing campaigns. From storyboarding concepts and animation to final delivery and formatted for implementing in Google Ads and marketing automated software. The introduction of adding 3D rendered elements has increased the level of sophistication.


Print Advertising

Advertising in the traditional form and working with companies right down to press checks and variable data setup with the printer companies. Starting in 2002 with commercial print production and art direction. Extensive knowledge with professional printing standards and graphic design.


Visual Identity and Branding

Specializing in building corporate visual identity – branding, marketing collateral, website design, multimedia displays and product design for hardware and software products and services.

My Process


Identify the scope of the project, speak to Stakeholders and align the outcomes to the immediate and future goals of the company.


Use insights gathered from the DEFINE stage to create visual appealing first steps of the project. Share with Stakeholders and Product Owners.


Create iterations based on feedback. Identify pain points and refine designs and work flow. Work through several rounds while gathering insights and applying to final deliverables.


Tidy handoff to Development Team and support production and testing. Quality check to make sure items align close to final design approval.

Featured Work


TurningPoint Software UX/UI and Marketing

Oversaw corporate visual identity – branding, marketing collateral, website design, multimedia displays and product design for hardware and software.

Provided guidance on cloud and desktop software, mobile app design and e-commerce solution. Oversaw print production for products and marketing assets to global network of sales people.

UI Design

Parker Hannifin HP Division Parker Tracking System (PTS) Mobile App

Parker Tracking System (PTS) is a comprehensive asset management solution to help customers stay better connected to equipment and machinery.

Project scope focused on creating a mobile app for iOS and Android with the same functionality as the website portal.


SSB CPA Visual Identity and Advertising

SSB CPA was looking to update their brand and focus on a more approachable look and feel. Creation of a new website and developed marketing collateral and advertisements with a brighter look and feel.


Werner Ladder Co. Social Media and Campaign Creative

Werner Ladder Co was looking to increase engagement on social media and targeted display ads. Leveraging existing assets I added animation and 3D elements to make the ads more exciting. Successes in engagement after new creative have created continued relationships in future campaigns.


Cortland Bank Digital Marketing Campaigns

Cortland Bank introduced a new checking service marketed to a younger less engaged audience. Through research and targeted social media advertisements the outcome was a fresh new look for the brand.

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About Me

Hello! I’m Steve. I’ve Been Building Creative Solutions for Over 20 Years

Driven by a mass consumption of coffee and ideas I have been fortunate to work on many wonderful projects. Starting out in print advertising and producing through evolution of digital media has given me a unique perspective on problem solving and creating solutions for clients. I hope you enjoy your time here and thank you for visiting!

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