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Illustration Portfolio

A showcase of my favorite illustration projects.


Enyx Studios VR Game – A Haunting Witching Hour marketing assets and character models.

Sci FI Illustration

It’s what I grew up with…how can I not draw epic space stuff! From battleships to alien races I try and draw as much sci fi work as possible. It prob accounts for 60% of what I draw. Being influenced by movies and comics growing up I would spend hours learning from them. Most of the items are hand drawn first then scanned into Mr. Chips and colored in photoshop or painter.


From young adult books to sci fi and fantasy epics I’ve been fortunate to create several book covers for digital and traditional release. One of my favortie projects to work on I welcome all interested parties. 


My first love! I’ve been reading and admiring comics since 6 years old. Stealing my brothers comics and drawing in them lead to a life long passion for drawing and painting. 

Asteroid Belt Parallax Test Video

I’ve been wanting to do a digital comic with motion graphics for a few years now. We’ve been slowly moving towards a story but it’s still in outine form. While thats going I am working on test video of the panel ideas. This is the first one I worked on: a possible intro scene. Enjoy!

Contact Me

Hi! If you are interested in contacting me for questions or projects I can help with please fill out this form and I will respond as soon as I can. Thank You!