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Comicbook Art

Drawings and digital paintings of heroes and villians from Marvel, DC and other characters from Pop Culture.


Comicbook characters were such an important part of my learning. Spending hours on trying to learn anatomy and perspective. I haven’t got it all figured out yet but I am having fun.

Dark Phoenix

Initial ideas for an X-Men team shot drawn pencil and paper, scanned in photoshop and digitally colored.

Thor God of Thunder

Wanted to play with size and scale with this drawing. Thor is miniscule compared to the demon he is fighting. SketchClub for ipad and Photoshop.


Quick sketch on an ipad brought into photoshop and colored. SketchClub on ipad and Adobe Photoshop.

Lady Jay Sketch

GI Joe 80s and 90s toys were a favorite for me and my friends at the time. Lady Jay was always one of my favorites. Much cooler in the cartoon but I always liked her. This idea came from a custom figure my friend made. She looked really cool and I wanted to try and draw her. I like where this is going I just need to spend more time and refine it.


Another shot for the X-Men team collage. I experimented with reflection and sun shimmer on Colossus’ armor and leather suit.


Christopher Reeves is my ultimate superman and I wanted to use his likeness on an idea I had for a darker look, done in Photoshop.

Jean Grey

One of my favorite characters done in Painter during the hype of Xmen 2 back several years ago.

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