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Software UX/UI and Branding

Software Design for New Service and Corporate Website refresh.

TurningPoint Desktop and it’s family of products needed a more unified look and feel as it migrated to a subscription based cloud app. Marketing was tasked with updating the Corporate Identity and managing the look and feel of the new product line.

Before and After

UI Blocks

Corporate Website Design

Marketing was tasked with creating a new look and feel for the main company website. I felt communication was focused on technical aspects and not human interaction. The result focused on visuals representing human centered interaction with the software and a softer tone of voice and graphic elements.

E-Commerce Website Design

Corporate was looking to sell directly to the consumer for software and hardware.  I was tasked with creating a visually appealing site and work through the buying process with the development teams. Successfully implemented in the U.S. we created a sister site for U.K. and Europe. 

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